The Dem Double Standard

As I sat and watched the first night of the Republican National Convention, it didn’t take long for the twitter warriors to take to their devices and attack a fellow fierce Latina, Kim Guilfoyle. Was it because she gave a fiery speech? Was it because she spoke the truth? Or was it simply because she admires and supports this administration with her whole heart?

I was not surprised to see the social media streams focus on Kim’s ex-husband while she was speaking. Oh, you didn’t know? Her ex-husband is Gavin Newsom, the current Democratic Governor of California. Why is this even relevant to her currently? Because that is the recipe of those on the left. Find a way to attack a person. It doesn’t matter whether that person is a female or a minority, two groups which the left prides themselves on defending. If you’re a  conservative, that’s trigger enough for them. Does it matter that she is a mother? No. Gloves come off and all are welcomed to attack as they please.

But that wasn’t the most troubling part. I found my way scrolling past that nonsense. The truly offensive bashing was about the way that she spoke. They said she was screeching, that she sounded like a crazy woman, and that she simply shouted her speech. Have these critics never met a fired up Latina before? I’m of Greek and Hispanic descent. Many of my family’s conversations sound like shouting matches. It took my midwestern, introvert husband several years to accept but then eventually appreciate the passionate manner in which my Hispanic-Greek family often communicates.  So I get that it’s different than how many were raised.  But how can someone who is part of the party that claims it’s the de facto home for all minorities in the U.S. be so blatantly racist and not get called out by their own party? The sexism and racism directed towards the Republican Party somehow continue to get a pass.

Another example of this was when Herschel Walker spoke, literally introducing himself as not an actor, a singer, or a politician, but rather as a lifelong friend to the President, hurt by the awful things said about his friend. He too was mocked and called out for speaking his worldview.  Herschel Walker isn’t a man who decided to step up and use his fame to speak on behalf of Donald Trump because it is an election year, he did so as someone who has known his character and had a deep personal friendship with Trump for 37 years. Their relationship goes way back and is a real friendship, far more than can be said of the relationship of Biden with most of the celebrities who came out in the DNC to support him. I guess “my truth” only matters to Dems if you support their candidate.  We get it. I just hope the rest of America starts to see what we do …

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