When is Enough, Enough?

Last night, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) of Precinct 5 was targeted. The reason for the attack? Guilt by association. Oh, you didn’t know that all cops need to be held accountable no matter what? You didn’t know that the actions of law enforcement in another city or state have repercussions locally?

The latest attacks on police following the Kenosha shooting of Jacob Blake continue to be fanned by our national media. Rather than attempting to diffuse the issue until all of the facts are revealed, they continue to pump out more headlines that agitate the self-righteous social justice warriors of the world. The systemic racism blanket reason that they insist is their justification for such quick judgment is slowly beginning to tear. Those of us living in a city almost 800 miles away from Kenosha, WI are trying to figure out how damaging our buildings and fighting with our APD will lead to positive and effective conversations. We see it is becoming even more challenging to get activists and political and criminal justice leaders to come together.  We aren’t the only ones who understand how the protests that turn to riots negatively impact the ability to make positive and necessary changes. 

It has become abundantly clear that the funding of influential movements desiring to defund the police has been driven by the far Left. While the intent of the initial protests was supported by the nation knowing that there was a desperate need to hear the cries and tend to the wounds of our fellow Americans, that message has been hijacked as evidenced by unlawful riots in Seattle, Portland, and now Kenosha. I can’t imagine that residents of these cities, no matter their political allegiance, desire to see more violence, more destruction, and even more death. At the heart of those that are hurting, there is a real desire for change and progress. And while many of those desiring a change believe that it is necessary to support progressive leaders, what they may not realize is that the violence they have incited has disrupted that vision. And if challenged, even a person from their side can and will be canceled.

Back in June, David Shor, a 28-year-old political data analyst and social democrat who worked for President Obama’s reelection campaign, got to see how quickly that could happen. When the George Floyd peaceful protesting started to be infiltrated by those who had a violent agenda, he thought it would be wise to share data from Omar Wasow’s Princeton University paper. In it, Wasow provided data that showed how riots reduced the Democratic vote in surrounding counties by 2%. Sure these acts of violence likely influenced the election for President Nixon in 1968, but Shor’s point was that this could happen again in 2020. His message was not received well, and he was punished by the mobs. Shor champions a polar opposite political ideology to me, which puts him squarely on their side, yet it was his peers who attacked by calling him “tone deaf” and even called out to Dan Wager, the CEO of Civis Analytics, the firm employing Shor to, “Come get your boy.” 

As a conservative, I find it laughable that Shor’s punishment was a result of his intent to help the progressive movement and those running for office. As one who believes that the increased violence in our cities will coerce constituents to reevaluate their candidates and take a good, hard look at what Republicans are saying, the continued cancellation of facts and common sense will only serve our party well. 

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