Free Speech and Freedom of Thought are the Real Issues this Election

If the left thinks they can win this culture war by censoring conservative voices they have another thing coming. The left doesn’t have a clue of what is in the minds of the majority of Americans.

I listen to and speak with people from all walks of life, ages, sexes, national origins, and religions. I also read everything I can get my hands on from both sides. As happened in 2016, more people will vote for Trump than the left expects, and he’ll secure the Electoral College votes needed to win.

My husband and I love Trump because he is the first President in our lifetime who really is a Washington outsider and who came to town to clean house and keep promises. Cubans and Venezuelans in South Florida love him because they know the horrors of socialism. Police unions all over the country have endorsed him because the left has abandoned them. Blue-collar workers and farmers love him because he made a new, more favorable United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) happen. College-educated well-informed freedom-loving people love him because they value their First and Second Amendments. Veterans love him because he has cleaned up the VA with the Accountability Act and the Veterans Choice Program and because they know he has their back. People of faith love him because he respects life. My brother-in-law, a retired VP of a multinational corporation, loves him because Trump has cut draconian, burdensome regulations and cut corporate taxes to make the United States competitive compared to our EU friends. My friend who is a single mom working three jobs to support her second-grader loves her kid’s charter school and loves Trump because all of the above and especially for making School Choice a priority.

I think that there is going to be a huge victory for President Trump on Election Day. He may even win the popular vote. I pray that the victory will be so resounding on election evening or early the next morning that counting of the mail-in ballots that haven’t been counted at that point will only increase his margin of victory. Because the left is planning and actively “war gaming” their scenarios to create chaos after the election no matter the immediate result, we need it sooner than later. They want there to be doubt and fear and plan on civil strife, fighting in the streets, to keep us terrified while “every vote is counted”.

Social media platforms can yank the truth away before anyone can see it, put disclaimers on anything that doesn’t fit their narrow view of the world, and generally sneer at and demean conservative thinkers. But they won’t stop the truth from shining through to the people who count on Trump, the American people who don’t really care what the elites and sycophants for the left at CNN, Washington Post, or the New York Times have to say.

When Trump wins handily in November despite what the mainstream media is saying, all will see that free speech and freedom of thought are the real issues in this election.

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