The Left couldn’t beat Trump, COVID won’t either

This week has definitely impacted all Americans. Whether you chose to be silent, to pray for the President, or to wish death on him, you cared. I am not surprised by the vitriol that is splattered all over social media. I am even less surprised that few statements, if any, have been removed. As someone who encourages free speech and would rather not have a person’s statements removed or censored, I thought it was the perfect litmus test to see where our friends, on either political side, really stood.  This is a unique moment where several individuals who have been silent for four years have chosen to speak up. To post. To share. To be transparent.

So what does this have to do with me? I, like many, have that special friend or family member where no holds barred conversations happen. In my case, this friend has been in my life for over a decade. We worked together off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Black Sea where we spent six hours or more on the bridge together, for three to four weeks at a time. Side by side, we made a fantastic watchteam!  After several months of working together, we could read each other’s mind when it came to planning, operations, and tackling our official duties. We knew our strengths and each other’s weaknesses and knew when to step out of the way and when to step up. Naturally, spending this much time with another person, and having similar personality traits,  we dove headfirst into issues one should never discuss in the workplace – religion and politics. Our ability to dance the happy line of “mutual disagreement” was flawless. It was the most perfect work relationship that happily extended off the rig and continues today. 

Naturally, when I heard the news that the President was hospitalized, my phone rang. I knew who it was. I appreciate how raw and genuine his opinion of what had unfolded before the American people. Like my friend, I know that our President, at 74 years old, will be just fine. This pandemic will be no match for our guy. This is a President that is constantly getting things done and not being at work must be like prison to him. He will come out of this illness more energized and more determined to defeat the utter nightmare that is COVID-19. Trump’s 2020 campaign continues to press forward and the energy behind it is unwavering! And yes, we recognize that President Trump is not completely out of the woods yet, but a short period of a fever and the sniffles are nothing; not for him.  If he does end up needing more time to recover, let’s not forget that he has fought for America. Now, America needs to fight for him! 

At this moment in time, all we can do is wait. In our case, pray and wait. So, we wait on that next White House medical doctor’s report. Wait on the next news conference. Wait on the President’s next tweet. We know that we won’t live forever. Until then we should live free. Trump is the one defending that freedom, who is defending the patriotism that society desperately needs, and for holding back the massive tide of evil and destruction that is the left. Lord knowing, and willing, our President will be far better than fine and fighting for Americans soon once again!

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