Why We Can’t Just Ignore Hunter Biden

We are in the midst of one of the greatest political scandals in American history – perhaps even worse than Watergate. Yet the mainstream media, big tech, national intelligence community, and the Washington establishment are completely covering it up.

The October 14 issue of the New York Post bore the headline “Biden Secret Emails.” Its marquee article detailed a series of shocking emails and explicit contacts extracted from a laptop belonging to 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. The MacBook was brought by the younger Biden to a repair shop a year and a half prior, but it was never picked up. After finding damning content on the laptop, the shopkeeper alerted the FBI, but it took some time for any of the incriminating evidence to ever see the light of day.

It has been alleged for years that Joe Biden had some sort of shady involvement in Ukraine, especially concerning Hunter’s questionable tenure at the oil and gas company Burisma. After all, this was what caused President Trump to make his fateful remarks to the Ukrainian president last year, which led to his impeachment and eventual acquittal. All that the Post has done is confirm what most of us already knew. One email housed on the laptop clearly shows that Hunter introduced his father to a powerful Ukrainian oligarch in 2015. Four years later in 2019, candidate Biden said that he has “never spoken to [Hunter] about his overseas business dealings.” That same year, he also denied that he sent Hunter to work for Burisma despite Hunter having no energy sector experience whatsoever. Now we know that he was lying both of those times.

However, social media giants jumped quickly to action to prevent virtually anyone from getting wind of the Post’s story. Even though it’s the nation’s fourth most circulated newspaper, read by millions, and was founded by none other than Alexander Hamilton, in the eyes of Facebook and Twitter, it is now a fringe site and a means of spreading “misinformation” (which of course, in their opinion, means any information that paints Trump in a positive light or Biden in a negative light). Both platforms made concerted efforts to limit people from sharing and spreading the article, with Twitter outright blocking its users from linking to it in any form, including via direct messages, for a couple of days. On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook did not censor completely unsubstantiated stories harmful to the President, such as the claim that he paid $750 in taxes one year (which was based on illegally hacked information), or that, despite him being strongly pro-military, he called deceased American soldiers “losers.” Furthermore, they sat idly while thousands of angry trolls flooded the sites with posts wishing death on the President following his COVID-19 diagnosis. The sad reality is that conservatives and the left are held to completely different standards by the political and media establishments – something that Tea Party groups during the Obama-era IRS targeting scandal learned the hard way.  

Taxpayer-funded NPR plainly stated that they would not cover the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop at all. They referred to it as a “nonstory” and a “waste of time,” completely ignoring the evidence to the contrary. There is not even, as of the time I am writing this, a Wikipedia page written solely about the events in question. There won’t be one anytime soon, especially given that the free encyclopedia is almost always the first Google search result for newsworthy topics. The only mention of this story I could find on Wikipedia is buried on a page entitled “Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory.” Not too different from Twitter, Wikipedia is slyly preventing access to important breaking news. The last time I checked, when there is physical evidence of this magnitude and when there are multiple credible witnesses to back up an allegation, it is not merely a “conspiracy theory.” What we have here is a proven scandal, and a huge one to boot.

Then last Wednesday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani released a bombshell episode of his podcast “Common Sense.” In one hour, he expanded upon the Post’s allegations explaining that the rogue laptop’s hard drive contains hard evidence implicating Joe and Hunter Biden in blatantly corrupt activities with Russia and China. Yes, Russia, the same country that was supposed to have colluded to elect Donald Trump. Was it possible that the Democrats pushed that tired, debunked narrative for years only to mask the fact that their own nominee was actually the one guilty of the crime, gaslighting the American people in the process?

In last night’s debate with Biden, President Trump rightfully brought up the laptop scandal several times. He jumped at the chance to expose the American people to as much of his opponent’s corruption as possible, especially since the mainstream media (aside from the Post) is completely ignoring it, if not suppressing it. Biden’s main line of defense was claiming that the laptop and all of Mayor Giuliani’s information had come from, you guessed it, Russia. Trump sarcastically replied saying “the laptop is a Russia, Russia, Russia hoax – that’s what we’re doing.” He also countered by asserting that the emails show that it was Biden who took a $3.5 million bribe directly from the late Moscow mayor’s wife, via his son’s company. When the President correctly demanded that Biden owed “an explanation to the American people,” Biden doubled down on his lie that he has “not taken a penny from any foreign source,” and abruptly attempted to switch the conversation to Trump’s tax returns, which had nothing to do with the national security topic being discussed at the time. Unphased, President Trump continued to press Biden boldly stating, “I don’t make money from Russia, China, and Ukraine. You do.”

With regards to China, which according to Giuliani, was the country where the Bidens ran the majority of their illegal foreign money-making scheme, Trump brought to light the most damning piece of evidence from the laptop: Hunter along with Joe Biden’s brother and sister-in-law directly made a $10 million deal with three known criminals and Chinese Communist Party members. One email clearly shows that Biden himself was directly involved in the deal: he was referred to as “the big guy” and received a 10% cut of equity. The Biden’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski, just yesterday went on record confirming this. Trump boldly pointed this fact out to Biden last night, something any other President would have simply been afraid to do. He effectively outed Biden as a financial criminal, especially given that he was the sitting Vice President at the time.

Consistent with the other actions of the media establishment to prevent the public from learning about this scandal, moderator Kristen Welker immediately interrupted the President and tried to prevent him from finishing his point. However, Trump was relentless, and when he finally was able to get more information out, Biden responded by calling the entire scandal “malarkey,” before completely changing the subject to talking about working-class families.  Welker tried to prevent Trump from responding again, giving him only ten seconds, before repeatedly stating “we need to move on.” However, it was too late for Biden. He failed to set the record straight, and due to Trump’s boldness, millions of voters know all about his true colors. The media narrative that he is a decent, Catholic, hardworking man from Scranton has been destroyed by a few emails on a laptop, much like the last failed Democratic nominee.

There are many takeaways from these stunning developments. As Giuliani beautifully put it, it’s a poor reflection on Biden as a father. He used his son who has a serious drug addiction problem as a “bag man” and a pawn in international corruption schemes. For a news media that thrives on stories of Trump Administration officials “colluding,” why isn’t this being brought up? The utter lack of media coverage (compared to Trump’s Russia and Ukraine allegations where there was much less evidence) is simply appalling. Why isn’t Bobulinski being heralded as a hero and treated the same way the media and establishment treated Colonel Alexander Vindman or the “whistleblower” of Trump’s Ukraine allegations? All of this confirms why we must, at all costs, prevent Biden from becoming President. I am not and never will be a “Trump guy.” I have harshly criticized him on many things from his COVID response to his reaction to racism and his immigration policy. But, as I mentioned in my last article, I am supporting him because he is a better alternative to Biden and the Democrats. The left is bullish that this scandal will all go away, and we can’t let this be the case. The American people are quickly finding out and many of us, like myself, will put aside our disagreements with Trump to prevent an actual criminal from taking the White House. This is déjà vu for the Democrats. The chickens are coming home to roost and 2020 is beginning to look more and more like 2016 by the day.

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