Fox News: The Only TV News Channel Doing Its Job

I’m not particularly a fan of the Fox News Channel. I find their commentators to be tired, repetitive, and at times far too partisan. But right now, when media bias and censorship is at an all-time high, they seem to be the only outlet in the entire broadcast media industry that is actually reporting all of the facts.

In an article I wrote last week, I explained the ongoing scandal that has erupted from the discovery of incriminating emails found on an abandoned laptop belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter. If this is the first time you are hearing about this, it’s because the vast majority of mainstream media companies are making a concerted effort to avoid reporting on the story. This is despite a plethora of evidence that Biden is guilty of corruption due to his active involvement in his family’s shady international business dealings while he was serving as Vice President. The media knows that this is a potentially enormous game-changer very late in the election season to the point that the term “October surprise” doesn’t suffice, so they are naturally going at lengths to prevent any of the facts from getting out. Although their first modus operandi is to entirely ignore the scandal, when pressed, they dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory,” which it is clearly not, or “Russian interference,” even though Russia is indeed one of the countries that emails show Biden accepted payments from.

It’s clear why all these media companies are blatantly refusing to do their job. If the truth gets out to the American people, it would be a major boost to President Trump, who is trailing Biden in most polls. It’s no wonder why Google Trends data shows that searches for “can I change my vote” skyrocketed in many swing states after more people became aware of the Hunter Biden news. If the scandal was given half as much airtime as Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian President, which led to his impeachment by House Democrats, it would spell disaster for Biden’s campaign. In the media’s eyes, Biden must win at all costs, and therefore, they must do whatever it takes to guarantee that outcome, even if it means censorship and the withholding of important information.

These media companies certainly don’t want a repeat of the fallout over Hillary Clinton’s scandal, which also involved emails, and was reported on to some degree – meaning that CNN, MSNBC, and the like did not completely ignore it. Since Clinton lost to Trump by only a margin of 77,000 votes across three states, mainstream media bosses undoubtedly feel responsible for the Democrats’ 2016 defeat. They’ve learned their lesson, so to speak. They could’ve single-handedly prevented a Trump presidency – if they only controlled the news cycle four years ago the way they’re doing now.

And now we come to Fox News: the sole remaining outpost of the corporate media where free and fair reporting still prevails – at least sometimes. Last Tuesday night, the channel aired an exclusive primetime interview where Hunter Biden’s former business partner and retired U.S. Navy officer Tony Bobulinski sat face-to-face with host Tucker Carlson (currently the de facto face of Fox News, and who previously worked for both CNN and MSNBC). Lieutenant Bobulinski, who earlier testified as an eyewitness that Joe Biden himself received money from the Chinese Communist Party, stated that he “had absolutely no desire to do the interview” with Carlson. However, he felt like he was left with no choice after literally “no other news organization” was telling his story, despite a litany of credible documents with validated time and origin stamps to back up his testimony.

While Fox gave Bobulinski a few dozen minutes to state his case, other broadcast media sources remained utterly silent. A search for the retired Navy Lieutenant’s name on CNN’s website did not generate a single result, even as the network’s own contributors have deemed the story as “newsworthy.” In addition, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), best known for being the lead House manager during the failed partisan impeachment of President Trump, went as far to accuse Bobulinski and his family of being agents of Russia – what Bobulinski said was the driving force that reluctantly caused him to go public. He pointed to the fact that he and his family have served the nation with honor for fifty-plus years, and still, the mainstream media was letting a top Democrat get away with publicly accusing them of treason. “We heard enough about Russia,” he rightfully remarked. “The Cold War is over.”  

As Americans, a country that prides itself as being one of the few in the world to have a truly free press, we should be enraged at how much the mainstream media, excluding Fox, has failed us. As Carlson himself posed on a subsequent episode of his show, “how do you maintain a democratic system when reality itself has been banned.” 

Hopefully, voters will realize that unlike the Trump-Ukraine narrative, this Biden scandal is not a partisan attempt to discredit a candidate. In fact, it’s the opposite. Bobulinski, who has donated to various Democrats including far-left California Congressman Ro Khanna, self-identifies as being “not a political person.” He clearly has no self-interest in getting Trump re-elected, but just wants to clear his name and for the American people to know the facts. It is not Bobulinski who has an agenda – it’s the biased media.

A Media Research Center report stated this month that 92% of all network news coverage of Trump has been negative. This is the case even though there are plenty of possible positive stories on the President the American people need to hear if they’re going to make a fully informed choice in this election. For starters, he has been nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes, a fact that has been unfortunately ignored by virtually every media source – except, you guessed it, Fox. The entire other media is desperately trying to do anything it can to get Trump out of office – which means completely distorting (and in some cases blocking) the facts and eliminating fairness, impartiality, and the concept of playing by the rules. Even former staunch Trump opponents like myself are seeing through this, and it’s having the reverse of the intended effect on us – it’s only bringing us closer to the president. At the end of the day, there should be no “red stories” or “blue stories.” The truth is the truth, and at times it hurts for everyone. Tragically, the media has been brutal toward conservatives for decades, a trend that exponentially increased since Trump won the White House. The President was predictably slammed last year when he called the press the “enemy of the people.” Yes, he could’ve chosen his words better, but he absolutely had a point. Mainstream media’s horrific bias is nothing short of a massive con job, and Fox News, which I and many others once dismissed as a joke, is alone in honest reporting. Hopefully, this Tuesday will be a referendum of CNN, MSNBC, and the three networks’ obscene misinformation campaigns.

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