Why Trump Needs to Win Again

Just take it from this former Trump hater…

If you are reading this as an undecided voter who genuinely cares about our country, the American Dream, our values, our history, and what it means to be an American, I have a message for you. Tomorrow, please vote to re-elect President Donald J. Trump. Our nation’s survival depends on it and future generations will thank you.

I was not always a Trump supporter. In fact, as recently as three months ago, I was a self-avowed Trump hater. I despised the president, his administration, and his agenda, and I wanted him to lose at all costs. I was set to vote for Joe Biden, although I disagreed with his positions on abortion and taxes because it meant getting the “bad orange man” out of office. I would routinely refer to the rising COVID death toll as “proof” of how Trump’s leadership has “failed” the country, without citing any other further evidence to actually prove that the pandemic’s extent was his fault. I dismissed his unprecedented move to ban travel from China as “xenophobic,” a decision which undoubtedly saved at least thousands of lives, even according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is by no means a Trump fan. Furthermore, I bought into the media’s false narrative that the president is a racist who refuses to denounce white nationalism and called Charlottesville Neo-Nazis “very fine people.” In fact, Trump has publicly disavowed white supremacy and all forms of hatred and bigotry dozens of times. He was also clearly referring to people who were protesting the renaming of a park, not Neo-Nazis, when he made his Charlottesville remarks, which still somehow remain common progressive and anti-Trump talking points.

What got me to see the light was leaving the liberal suburban New York county I had grown up in and actually talking to Trump voters. The mainstream media wants the president’s supporters to be viewed as monsters, racists, or to quote his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton, “a basket of deplorables.” I saw that this description was far from the case when I worked in New Hampshire for a month this past summer. Since I was up there campaigning for local Republican candidates, my job required me to have conversations with thousands of enthusiastic Trump supporters. I can assure you that not one of them even fit half of the ghastly caricature the media paints of the MAGA crowd, ridiculously smearing them as authoritarian fascist cultists. Instead, by going to their homes, I saw firsthand that they are the exact opposite – decent, hardworking family-oriented people who strongly believed in personal and economic liberty. In other words, these pro-Trump folks simply wanted fewer government regulations in all aspects of life, and to make their own decisions of what is best for them and their loved ones. Not that “fascist” if you ask me. Many of them were business owners who credited their recent successes to Trump’s tax cuts, his “America First” trade policy, and support for re-opening the economy while many Democrats instead wanted prolonged COVID lockdowns. It was also in the Live Free or Die State when my co-worker, who is Black and Hispanic, showed me the full version of Trump’s Charlottesville comments, not the one edited and circulated by the liberal media.

A month after my contract in New Hampshire ended, I moved to conservative northern Florida where I see public support for the president everywhere. I’ve had many conversations with Trump supporters in my new home state, and just like the voters I interacted with in New Hampshire, they like him because he is a businessman who has kept his promises and delivered results for all Americans, and has succeeded where politicians from both parties have failed. This sentiment was also on full display at the Trump rally I attended yesterday in Rome, Georgia. Approximately thirty thousand men, women, and children from across the country, all ages, races, and walks of life, gathered in a display of immense unity and patriotism. It was a purely positive environment, free from any of the hate and violence seen at a left-wing “protest.” It was like a giant state fair. Classic rock blared on the loudspeaker while food trucks served “law and order” burgers, Trump fries, and snow cones. When the president had the podium, he listed his many policy accomplishments as the audience cheered “we love you.” Peace and love exuded in the atmosphere. It was yet another observation that made it clear to me that Trump’s opponents, not his supporters, are the ones responsible for all the divisiveness, hostility, and animosity plaguing the country.

It is crystal clear that there is a huge disconnect between reality and the countless, baseless, ad hominem attacks being drummed up against President Trump by the establishment. What the mainstream media is doing to the American people is nothing short of gaslighting. They are not only manufacturing lies to foster division and turn the American people against a duly elected President, but they’re also completely suppressing any coverage of Joe Biden’s chaotically unfolding scandal (save for a few brave outlets like Fox News and the New York Post) and refusing to air any of the many positive stories about Trump, for example, his four Nobel Peace Prize nominations. We need to send a message to them that this coordinated misinformation and propaganda scheme is simply anti-American – it’s something that would be easily seen in an authoritarian regime like China or Russia.

Last month Former Asheville, North Carolina city councilman Carl Mumpower wrote an op-ed where he stated: “I don’t like Trump, here’s why I’m still voting for him.” From what I’ve noticed the small portion of voters who are still undecided have conflicting views about the president, as do unconventional Trump voters like Mumpower and myself. While we still may not be fans of President Trump’s brash rhetoric, uncontrolled tweeting, and often narcissistic personality, we still realize that he loves America and has done more for her than any politician in recent memory. It is doubly impressive that he was able to achieve all he could during his first term, despite all the vicious targeted hatred and lies levied against him. It is evident President Trump is working harder than practically anyone in the world is right now, and he will surely continue this trend if he is given a second term. Mumpower said that unfortunately, “most Americans vote on the basis of who they like, not on who’s most qualified, effective, or true to their promises,” like Trump clearly is. Given that the Democrats are openly putting forth the most radical, far-left agenda in American history, this very well may have to be the election we vote for the candidate we might not necessarily “like,” but who is the best for the country and its people.  

If you told me I would be at a Trump Rally three months ago, I would call you insane – a fact which shows that if I can come around, anybody, even the harshest Trump critic, can as well. Trump needs to win again to show that it is hard-working American people, not a corrupt, elite conglomerate of coastal millionaires who are truly in control. When we look at reality, we see that it is not President Trump who is trying to divide us, it is them. Let’s send the establishment a message the second time, that they can’t demean us like they have been doing forever. After Trump won in 2016, they were sent into panic mode, and immediately shifted gears to do whatever it took to make him a one-term president. I am cautiously optimistic that this plan will backfire, and Trump will win re-election tomorrow.Hopefully, on Wednesday morning, Trump’s elitist foes will wake up in stunned silence a second time. Somewhere, a progressive power-player will be shaking his head in disbelief about everyday Americans like us, thinking to himself, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”