How the Left Stole Christmas

’Twas the night before Christmas, and throughout the USA,
Our people are tired in every single way.
Approaching the end of a chaotic year,
We are all in dire need of some holiday cheer.

2020, thank God, soon will come to an end,
Our country and the world will be on the mend.
It is time for the break we so desperately need,
After the success of Operation Warp Speed.
And what better time to celebrate, than the very day,
Jesus Christ was born to take our sins away.

But the Democrats claim to know better than we,
They scoff at the notion our nation is free.
How dare we see our families, spread peace and good tidin’,
For “a dark winter is coming,” shouted sleepy Joe Biden.

Now Cuomo, now Newsom, now Whitmer and friends,
Are determined to put our festivities to an end.
Don’t gather with loved ones! Don’t go to town!
For the only way to stop the virus is to lockdown!
But the “experts” themselves, said this is untrue,
They don’t want to control COVID, they want to control you!

“Actions speak louder than words” is what I say,
So, what did these politicians do Thanksgiving week and day?
They traveled and ate at restaurants we cannot afford,
But they canceled our plans and made us stay at home bored.

They’re exempt from their own rules, as we must see,
They only apply to the “little people,” like you and me.
If they really cared about a virus, they’d be way more discrete,
They didn’t say a peep about the dancing on the street.
It’s all political to them – now let me be clear,
We can’t all live in a state of perpetual fear.

Just look at the folks who live across the pond,
The UK government has their people conned.
They say to postpone Christmas until the spring,
We can’t let the Democrats do such a thing!

Leave it to King Cuomo to rise to that task,
He’s even saying that Santa must wear a mask!
But why does the Governor need to be so grouchy?
For Santa got a vaccine from ol’ Dr. Fauci!
But the left doesn’t care that we might have a cure,
They still want us to be locked down forevermore.

But I am still confident that freedom will prevail,
The Constitution will win, the leftists will fail.
The Supreme Court stopped them from shutting down churches,
Hopefully, we’ll soon be free from our politicians’ smirches.

They can’t shut us down! They can’t cancel Christmas day!
We can’t let the radical left get their way!
We must fight for our rights, we absolutely can’t cave,
For we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Merry Christmas from the POP family!

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