The country needs GA to step-up and VOTE!

I was among the hundreds of thousands of online viewers who recently watched as our President rallied Georgians in Valdosta to support Senatorial candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. None of us knew what to expect because the last time the President was in Georgia was before the general election. Back then, it seemed as though there was no way the President would lose Georgia. But here we are. 

One month later, so many questions regarding the results have yet to be answered. Many conservatives are still left doubting the results, and new business owners, like myself, are wishing that we could do more, invest more time, and rally with fellow supporters. It’s gutting to hear and see news passed to me from friends and President Trump supporters about all of the circumstances that got Georgia, and the handful of swings-state, in this position of doubt. That election evening’s results will continue to be critiqued and challenged by those with professional and financial means to do so. So what now?

Georgia’s Senate races are in the crosshairs of socialists Democrats from all over the country. Although conservatives should be uniting to win the state back, we are being pulled apart from infighting taking our attention away from these most critical elections. For weeks, we have had die-hard Trumpians, such as devoted Democratic attorney and noted Democrat donor Lin Wood, calling on Georgians to boycott these two races. As someone who recognizes that this is the worst thing we can do as Georgians and conservatives, it surprises me to hear that folks believe THIS will get our President back to the White House. Or worse, sit back as Democrats convince conservatives they are for the President when they clearly are not. I know that there are thousands of Republicans who blame Trump for much of this division, my husband as an Obama-then-Trump voter is in this camp. I, as someone who supported the President from the moment he announced his 2016 candidacy from Trump Tower, sympathize with the battle he is going through, but also know that we cannot lose Georgia. Period. We, as patriots, cannot stop supporting those who are beholden to our values and who have proven that they are willing and able to protect our freedoms. Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler have proven their loyalty to Georgians and President Donald J. Trump. What else should we ask for?

President Trump recognizes this too. He was firm on his message that Georgia is a must-win for not only Georgians but because these races decide who is the majority in the Senate, for the country as a whole. But his message didn’t end there. President Trump presented a call to action with our Secretary of State, our Governor, and every Georgian who voted for the President’s re-election. For some, he has stepped out of bounds when he stated that he regretted his endorsement of Governor Kemp and questioning whether Georgia Secretary of State Raffensberger is a true Republican. And in a very Trump-esque moment during the rally, the President asked former Senatorial candidate and Judiciary Committee hero Rep. Doug Collins if he would be running for Governor in Georgia in 2022. Does he have a right to do so despite being the sitting President? Absolutely!  Our first amendment rights don’t apply to everyone except the President. Are President Trump’s apparent demands causing internal turmoil in the party? Definitely. Will the Republican electorate ever look the same after this Presidential election? Doubtful.

I am someone who believes that there needs to be a response regarding the integrity of our election and the results. I trust that the President and his allies will continue to investigate and challenge the outcome, as they legally can and should. And like any other true American, I am praying for all that was conducted in darkness to be brought to the light so that we don’t risk a recurrence of mass doubt for election results in the future because election fraud, on either side, demands attention. Our voting system isn’t perfect and there is plenty of room for improvement. At this point in time, though, as the apparent losers of the Presidential election, it is incumbent on conservatives to demand an assurance of the results. As my brother-in-law Adam says, it is time for Republicans to beat our drums. To not be silenced. To respond to this call to action from President Trump.  While all of that goes on, I also have enough sense to acknowledge that Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler need our support now more than ever, and Republicans in Georgia can and should support both President Trump and our Senators.  It is not the time to abandon those who have fought for us in the Senate to prove a point that could cost our country the checks and balances intended with a multi-party system. If we let the Senators down, and Georgia fails to show the country what we are about by showing up and voting, all we will have to blame are ourselves.

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