How the Left Really Feels About Conservatives

The miserable year of 2020 couldn’t have ended soon enough. On December 29th, Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) tragically passed away, just four days before he would’ve taken office in Washington. Letlow who ran as a pro-life and pro-Second Amendment Christian conservative in a rural southern district President Trump won by 30 points, leaves behind a wife and two young children.

The media was quick to blame the Republican politician’s death on COVID, for which he tested positive and was hospitalized. However, a later report showed that Letlow didn’t die from the virus itself but from a heart attack that he suffered on the operating table for an unspecified “virus-related procedure.” At this point, it is unknown how much the widely misunderstood disease actually contributed to Letlow’s untimely demise and any guess is speculation. There was a medical research study that was conducted on the matter which led its senior researcher, Dr. Benjamin Abella, to conclude that patients who experience heart attacks during surgery “have a survival rate similar to what it was before the pandemic.” Therefore, it is likely that any procedure, COVID-related or not, could have triggered the cardiac arrest that took Letlow’s life.

At the end of the day, it is best that people not jump to conclusions, out of respect for the late congressman-elect’s family, friends, and staff. However, the mainstream media will not stop using the death of someone (who they would ruthlessly demonize had he lived) to make a leftist political point. Wikipedia even has Letlow’s cause of death listed as simply “COVID-19,” which is false and misleading. I wonder why his profile is not being flagged by “fact-checkers” like any article or comment online making even the mere mention of possible voter fraud in the last presidential election. It has been an open “secret” for some time that the biased media’s job is to shape public opinion, not to report on the facts. By purposely failing at their job to make a proper distinction between deaths from COVID and with COVID, they are attempting to do just that.

All of this of course fits the narrative that the left-wing establishment has been forcing down our throats for months: the coronavirus is so deadly, we must be confined to our homes, not be allowed to go to church, not celebrate Christmas, or even go to work if our “moral betters” deem our profession to be “unessential.” Also, by their standards, gathering in large numbers for a left-wing cause is perfectly okay. I for one used to believe that lockdowns and universal mask mandates were a good thing as reflected by some of my earlier writings. However, just like my stance on President Trump evolved, I did a complete 180 once I saw beyond the blatant propaganda of the mainstream media and actually looked at the facts and data regarding the virus, many of them courtesy of my stepfather who is actually a clinical scientist and infectious disease expert (read: not a politician).

But to the ideologically motivated leftist media, it is simply not enough to just use Letlow as an example for people to obey Democratic politicians’ insane COVID restrictions. No, that’s what they would do if they had a shred of respect for conservatives as human beings. Tuesday night, Aaron Rupar of Vox and Molly Jong-Fast of The Daily Beast, who both parade around as “objective” journalists, had the nerve to post a now-deleted campaign video Letlow posted back in October. In the video, he talked about how lockdowns and other unconstitutional restrictions meant to control Americans under the guise of “controlling COVID” were bad for the country. It is almost guaranteed that if a right-leaning journalist tweeted something akin to this on the very day a Democratic congressman-elect died, they would be publicly shamed, if not suspended or even banned from the biased social network.

However, it is not the blatant insensitivity of Rupar and Jong-Fast that irks me but the tweets of many other lesser-known “progressives” who despicably insinuated that Letlow “deserved to die” for “not taking COVID seriously enough,” being “careless,” and an “anti-masker” (although Letlow was actually, in fact, a frequent mask-wearer). One self-professed “socialist” callously called Letlow a “Herman Cain Republican” (Cain died from COVID complications in the summer), a tweet that received over 1,300 likes. The most appalling tweet (which garnered over 2,200 likes and was retweeted 500 times) came from the aptly named account @BigBlueWaveUSA, which called the recently deceased Letlow the epithet “COVIDIOT,” and stated that they “don’t care” about his passing. “His life didn’t matter any more than the other 338K dead Americans,’ I am out of ***** to give.” All of this does not surprise me one bit as this is the same philosophy of “tolerance” and “love” that believes that it’s okay to ruthlessly murder unborn children. The fact that not one of these comments got taken off Twitter is a horrific reflection of how big tech, like academics and the media establishment, has aided and abetted these disgusting people. If only the radical left’s mantra of “silence is violence” applied to them.

We conservatives need to stand up and call out the left for these atrocious comments. As National Review’s Ellen Carmichael put it, “in no other health circumstance would brutality toward the afflicted be tolerated.” She also pointed out the sad reality we on the right, especially those of us who are brazenly anti-lockdown, face now more than ever, many people on the left think that we are “deserving of death because [we] disagree with their worldview.” Conservative activist Jesse Kelly took Carmichael’s words a step further, tweeting that we “will wake up to” this inconvenient “fact,” otherwise the left wins. His tweet by the way got over 8,000 likes, dwarfing the aforementioned words of hate. President Trump is right when he says that we’re the silent majority.

Kelly is right. We need to accept this reality. The way both the radical and mainstream left reacted to Luke Letlow’s death is not about Letlow or anything he did during his 41 years on earth. It’s not even about COVID and people who rightfully oppose lockdowns and other draconian restrictions. It’s about the bigger picture and what Letlow, and all of us constitutional conservatives represent to them. Frankly, the left sees us “crazy right-wing nut jobs” as almost less human than them just because of what we believe. To a lot of them, we are thought criminals who should not be included in public discourse or even polite society. This is a psychological technique called “othering,” and it is largely employed by the mainstream media who use savvy gaslighting techniques to impose their radical beliefs on all of us. In other words, so-called “progressives” use the power they can get through controlling institutions like the media, big tech, and education to silence and degrade any political opposition and force compliance with their radical agenda at all costs.

This behavior from the left is not new. In fact, it’s hundreds of years old. However, their strategies have evolved with time and they are now using a nameless, faceless, terrible virus that came from the other side of the world as an excuse to go after us. And by “us” I mean virtually any American who rejects their proposed “new normal” of socialism, mandatory political correctness, and an enormous all-powerful government. This includes not only conservatives but also libertarians, moderates, and even some liberals – in other words, people who believe in the principles on which our nation was founded. We freedom-loving people who are proud of what America stands for are not part of the far-leftist agenda. We pose a threat to them. We stand in their way, and despite all the pressure they put on us, we can’t let them faze us and we certainly can’t back down.

At first, I didn’t want to write this article. I wanted to avoid politicizing Rep.-elect Letlow’s tragic passing. However, I’ve come to realize that the best way to honor his legacy of fighting for conservative values is for those of us on the right to continue to fight for what we believe in. Like most conservatives, I never really bought the “us vs. them” worldview. I want all Americans, regardless of what we believe, to be able to co-exist here in the greatest country in the world. We were founded with freedom of speech and expression as key parts of our Constitution, a huge part of what makes the U.S. great in the first place. Being able to engage in civil discussions and be friends with people who disagree with us is inherently American. However, until the left realizes this, we will remain starkly divided. In the meanwhile, we will never cave to their extremist demands.

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