Will Biden Represent the American People or Just Celebrities?

In 2016, America elected a celebrity as president. Donald Trump was indeed the first commander-in-chief to enter office without any previous political or military experience. He instead was known for running an enormous real estate empire with dozens of hotels, casinos, and golf courses bearing his name, as well as producing and hosting a popular T.V. show. However, in a twist of irony, Trump used his term in office to champion working-class interests. In his victory speech, he declared that the “forgotten men and women of our country…will be forgotten no longer,” and he mostly kept this promise, largely through his administration’s “America first” policies.

Fast forward to the present day. In a matter of hours, Joe Biden, a man who spent 36 years as a U.S. Senator and eight as Vice-President, will assume the White House. On the surface, it appears that after four years of having a billionaire reality star as President, our nation will be led by a career politician who at least claims to come from a middle-class background (although like a lot of Biden claims, the extent to which this is true is up for debate). But looks can be deceiving. Unlike his predecessor who focused his energy on everyday Americans, the President-elect is wasting no time on capitalizing on his connections to the elites of Hollywood and the music industry. To say that the festivities planned for Biden’s Wednesday inauguration will be star-studded is an understatement. Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem and J-Lo will also perform – is this supposed to a Presidential inauguration or a Super Bowl half-time show?

The evening after Biden is to be sworn in, Forrest Gump, I mean Tom Hanks, will host a pro-Biden T.V. special bizarrely entitled “Celebrating America.” I will admit that the idea behind this segment is not bad. Our bitterly divided country is in a time of crisis and we need to patriotically celebrate the nameless individuals who selflessly put their lives on the line so we can all live in the greatest country ever. However, members of the military, law enforcement, first responders, and healthcare workers will tragically not be the focus of the “celebration.” Instead, the guests of Hanks’s special will be, you guessed it, other celebrities ranging including former Disney channel star Demi Lovato, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, “All of Me” singer John Legend, and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. But the biggest name of the bunch has to be Bruce Springsteen who is perhaps best known for shouting for twenty minutes and calling it a song. 

Although all these people are talented entertainers, that’s all they really are – entertainers. Nobody elected them to political office and their opinions should not matter any more than yours. As a matter of fact, they only matter if we let them matter to us, and that’s absolutely what the Democratic Party is trying to do. The incoming president’s futile attempt to “unify” our reeling nation through a bunch of musicians and actors is tone-deaf, to say the least. These people were safely quarantined in their multi-million dollar mansions sharing empty platitudes like “we’re all in this together,” while essential workers were sacrificing everything they had to make this country run, and those of us deemed “non-essential” were being forced out of our jobs and given barely any compensation. Biden’s prioritization of celebrities makes it clear to me that he does not care about the average Joe, no pun intended.  

People on the left have responded to some of my tweets criticizing Biden’s emphasis on celebrities in his inauguration festivities, saying that I’m just jealous that President Trump didn’t have all these stars perform for him in 2017. First of all, I didn’t even vote for or support Trump four years ago: in fact, I strongly opposed his candidacy back then. But then again, many on the left can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that anyone would actually have a change of heart on the 45th president like I did last summer. They instead choose to arrogantly dismiss the hundreds of thousands of #WalkAway patriots like myself as “Russian bots” – that is, when they’re not censoring the entire movement. Even in hindsight, I couldn’t care less about the lack of star power Trump had at his inauguration. A President’s swearing-in ceremony is not supposed to be a giant concert or variety show. If our Founding Fathers were alive today, they would be appalled by how much our 21st-century consumerist culture and elitism have perverted our republic’s once sacred institutions. At the end of the day, celebrities are just normal people like you and me, they just happen to have “cool” jobs.  They are not special; the liberal establishment just wants you to think they are.

We are undergoing a massive political realignment. The Republicans, for the most part, are becoming the party of real working people, as shown by historic inroads they made with traditionally solidly Democratic groups in the last election. It is clear why so many people are walking away from the left. In the last year, the Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they want to divide us even further between the “enlightened” or “woke” elite and the rest of us who need to go along with everything they say or risk being made social outcasts. The Democrats are blatantly attempting to use celebrities as a political tool – they did the same thing at their National Convention in August. However, I am confident that the majority of Americans, regardless of who they voted for last November will ultimately not stand for this. American people have had it with the “elites” and “specials” telling us what they believe is right and wrong. We need a leader who actually stands up for poor and middle-class Americans. It’s only a matter of time before millions of people who voted for Joe Biden believing he was that guy will quickly realize that the joke is on them.

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