Left-Wing Media Gaslighting is Designed to Reprogram Voter Minds – What Can We Do About It?

The mainstream media, much like the rest of America’s cultural institutions, tends to have a left-wing slant. However, some of the “objective journalists” go much further than a garden-variety liberal bias with their bizarre propaganda. While many of us on the right hoped that the media would let up and be less partial once Trump (the no-good very bad orange man) left office, now that Joe Biden is president, they are instead doubling down on their radical “progressive” activism.

Let me explain. Not even two hours after President Biden took his oath of office, Refinery29 a Vice-owned women’s website that reaches over half a billion readers (roughly a sixth of the world’s population) published an article praising First Lady Jill Biden’s “sparkly” dress. The piece seemed non-political on the surface – after all, it was filed under the “style,” not the politics” section. However, its agenda, while subtle and concealed, is still fully there. Look no further than the tagline Refinery29 used when they tweeted out the article: “Dr. Biden is bringing American fashion back into the White House.” To someone who knows nothing of American politics or has been living under a rock the last four years, it would seem that judging from this tweet, the Trump White House lacked any sense of fashion whatsoever. But wait – isn’t Melania Trump an international supermodel and fashion designer? Wouldn’t she know a thing or two about fashion? After all, wasn’t it her job for several decades? Since this is common knowledge, the article’s point was not to mislead people to believe that Mrs. Biden has a better knowledge of fashion than Mrs. Trump. To make that argument would be akin to saying that I know more about football than Tom Brady. What the author of the seemingly harmless “style” piece actually sought to do was admittedly dismiss Melania Trump and make the point that she and her contributions as First Lady are, to use one of the far-left’s favorite words, “erased” because her husband is Donald Trump and orange man bad.

This isn’t the first time the media has launched completely uncalled for attacks against Mrs. Trump’s supposed lack of style. In 2017, Time magazine published an article which was effectively just a collage of angry leftists’ tweets comparing the way Melania decorated the White House to Harry Potter villains and the like. I’m not joking, this was and still is actually on Time’s website. The bias by all these “impartial” sources is so bad, it’s laughable. When I was a Trump-hater myself I always followed the rule that as much as I’d criticize the 45th president himself, I’d always leave his family out of it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the left-wing dominated press does not play by the same rules. When it comes to Trump, nothing is off-limits to them. From the way the media (and Rick Wilson) sees it, “everything Trump touches dies.” Since a person’s family is both the closest thing to their heart and a mirror image of themselves, Melania, Don, Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and even Barron (a minor who should be off-limits to any sane person) were fodder to Democratic activists disguised as reporters and cultural commentators. By simultaneously attacking Trump’s family and legitimizing Biden’s, the media is doing nothing other than furthering their only narrative: Democrats and their policies are wonderful, and Republicans and their policies are terrible. 

There is a word for the lengths the mainstream media goes through to achieve their outcome: gaslighting. It is a scary word that we hear often, but what does it mean? Gaslighting is the best defined as the psychological phenomenon where one person, usually an authority figure, tries to manipulate another by causing the submissive person to question the sanity of their own worldview. Although both sides are guilty of this, the left has taken it to a new, unprecedented level via the media and the other institutions they monopolize. By constantly branding every Democrat they cover as good, and every Republican they cover as bad, the media is slyly and subtly programming large swaths of Americans to think of leftists as compassionate and well-intentioned and conservatives as evil, selfish, racist, fascist, or whatever the adjective of the day happens to be. This is gaslighting because the media’s “reporting” causes many who might object to their characterizations to question if they are the racist, fascist, etc. themselves. This is absurd but it works, and, unfortunately, the portion of the American population influenced the most by this gaslighting are the moderate and less-politically involved – in other words, the small subset of people who decide elections. Yes, the media has it down to a science.

It seems like women “style” magazines are perhaps the biggest gaslighters. One ridiculous example is seen in a recent Teen Vogue article. The piece is about Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s stepdaughter who landed a modeling contract with leading agency IMG – after wearing to the inauguration a fancy coat that 99% of people cannot afford. The author of the article (which will certainly be read by millions of teenage girls who are just starting to form their political opinions) gushed about how “transformative” it was for Emhoff to become a model. I for one know nothing about fashion so I cannot say whether or not she deserved the new job. But I’ll say this: when an entitled 22-year-old whose parents are an entertainment lawyer and a film producer (and whose step-mom is Vice-President) lands a major modeling gig with virtually no experience in the industry, it does not send a positive message to the tens of millions of working-class young women who are struggling to make ends meet in the era of lockdowns. The Ella Emhoff story is tone-deaf to say the least. And it’s not just Teen Vogue that thinks that this is newsworthy – the New York Times, which is supposed to be a bastion of legitimate hard-hitting journalism, reported on it too. I guess the media has truly gone on vacation now that Biden is president.

Notice a pattern? Again, we didn’t hear the media fawning over Melania or Ivanka Trump when they wore elegant and intricate coats and dresses on several occasions because, according to the prevailing media narrative, they must be punished because their last name is Trump. But if their last names were Biden, Harris, or Obama, they would instead be celebrated. The president of the agency who signed Emhoff defended his decision saying that “Ella communicates this moment in time.” This is all he needed to say. To the cultural elites, Biden winning and Trump being out of the presidency is a joyous occasion that needs to be celebrated. Democrats good, Republicans bad.

Gaslighting is not just present in mainstream political media such as CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, it has Infiltrated even our supposedly non-political cultural media such as Refinery29 and Teen Vogue. For practically a century, the left has been masterful at influencing politics through the culture and especially through mediums that appear to be non-political. But this is how the left-wing dominated corporate media works. It is insidious beyond belief and to the average American, the dangerous narrative is taken as an undisputed fact, allowing the left to increasingly ingrain in their mind. As Ben Shapiro says, the press is nothing more than “the public relations wing of the Democratic Party.” 

These articles on the Biden and Harris families are only a few of the many examples where this subtle yet impactful gaslighting takes place. There are only two things that conservatives can do about it. First off, we need to expose the mainstream media for the lying, gaslighting partisan Democrats they are. And second, we must vote with our dollars, turn to alternative forms of media, and stop giving these gaslighting outlets, who hate us and everything we stand for, the time of day.

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