One Bill to Rule Us All

Why H.R. 1, the Democrats’ proposed “voting reform” attempt, MUST be stopped at all costs

Growing up, I was deeply fascinated by magic shows. Among my many favorite tricks was the simple yet baffling “coin out of the ear” gag. My young brain couldn’t figure out just where the pennies, nickels, or in some cases, quarters were coming from. I could have sworn either one of two things was true: A) magic and was real or B) I was a human piggy bank.

When I got older, I learned that all that time, the magician wasn’t actually pulling a coin, let alone anything, out of my ear —a revelation that would ease the minds of the current COVID-obsessed population. What he actually was performing was a fairly common “magic” technique called “sleight of hand.” See, the coin was in the magician’s hand the entire time. Before he actually performed the illusion he would always blow or tap on his opposite fist, in order to distract the audience from the hand that was actually concealing the coin. Because humans by our very nature are wired to focus on only one thing at once, even those of us who know exactly how “sleight of hand” works, we tend to fall for it time and time again.

Enter President Biden. While everyone is focused on other important parts of his administration such as the worsening crisis at the border, his rampant spending, and his mulling of anti-American “vaccine passports,” we are distracted from learning about what is without a doubt one of the most harmful pieces of legislation in our nation’s history. I am of course talking about the proposed massive “election reform” package officially called H.R. 1, which is also deceptively known as the “For the People Act.” Just going off of its title alone, we can already tell that it’s bad news because Democrats have recently fallen into the habit of giving their proposed laws names that are completely opposite of the purpose they actually serve – take for example the “American Rescue Plan” which certainly “rescues” no one. Michael Knowles suggests a more appropriate moniker for H.R. 1: the “corrupt politicians act.” Whatever you want to call it, this 800-plus page monstrosity passed in the House early last month with not a single Republican in support. Sensing a theme here with this President’s agenda? Similarly, only one Democrat voted against it, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), but only because of his opposition to a couple of its proposals – he still supported the overall gist of the resolution. It’s crystal clear – the entire Democratic Party is all in on this bill and they’re trying to ram it through as secretly and quietly as possible.

In making their case for H.R. 1, the Democrats are calling it “democracy reform” and claiming that it will expand “voting rights” and punish “voter suppression,” something the left loves to allege but never seems to cite evidence or statistics to back them up.

But what would the bill actually do and what exactly is in its gargantuan set of reforms that make it so dangerous to the American republic? First of all, it would essentially federalize all American elections, usurping the role of states to oversee the processes, something that has been maintained for the entire existence of our nation. This is blatantly unconstitutional, something that even left-leaning Newsweek acknowledges, as the Framers specifically included the Tenth Amendment to reserve certain powers, such as conducting elections, to the states. Founding father Alexander Hamilton (who the left seems to idolize, at least for now), specifically warned against this infringement on federalism in The Federalist No. 59, where he wrote that federal power over elections should only be “last resort” reserved for “extraordinary circumstances.” I certainly don’t think that the state of our country now warrants one of these “circumstances” Hamilton spoke of, after our last election boasted record turnout, across nearly every state. In invalidating state election integrity laws, H.R. 1 would effectively allow all Americans to vote without showing any proof of their identity. And if you thought that alone would make voter fraud run rampant, H.R. 1 also “institutionalizes ballot harvesting” making it not only possible but encouraged for third party actors (in other words, left-wing activists) to manipulate which ballots are actually collected to be counted and which are discarded. Finally, the bill would change how Congressional districts are redrawn every ten years, giving unfair advantages to Democrats in a way that runs counter to two U.S. Supreme Court rulings from a decade ago. I guess it’s not only federalism the left wants to destroy, it’s judicial review as well.

Simply put, this whole outfit is a giant bad-faith Democratic Party coup of unprecedented scale. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rightfully called it the “biggest power grab of the country.” It’s fittingly House Resolution 1 and not any other number. Just think about it, the Democrats pass it and due to the historic election advantage they would receive, the rest of their deeply radical agenda becomes much, much easier to put into effect over time.

When it comes to this dreadful bill, the ball is fully in the Senate’s court. Due to the body being split 50-50 between the parties, Vice-President Kamala Harris has the tie-breaking vote. Luckily for our republic, the filibuster exists, meaning that as long as it’s in place, ten Republicans would have to come on board for H.R. 1 to pass, something that I can bet my life savings on will never happen. On top of this, the Democrats can’t use the parliamentary maneuver of “budget reconciliation” to pass the bill, as they did for their awful “Rescue Plan” stimulus. Therefore, their only hope of completing this brazen power grab would be to actually get rid of the filibuster. 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), whose state I fled last year, said it best herself, “if we have to reform the filibuster to do it, we should do that.” That’s why we’re hearing baseless allegations from the far left that the age-old procedure is somehow rooted in racism – which the left seems to allege of all the institutions they don’t like. Al Sharpton even went as far as to call Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), the two pro-filibuster Democratic Senators “racists” if they refuse to cave to radicals like himself on the issue. Although not going as far as Sharpton, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the number three Democrat in the House, had similar words for Manchin in particular, who is currently the only Senator from the party who has not co-sponsored H.R. 1.

We are standing at a precarious crossroads for our nation (and no, I am not referring to you, John Kasich). If Manchin (who let me point out represents a state Donald Trump won by nearly 40 points) votes to end or even “reform” the filibuster and allow for the passage of H.R. 1, over two centuries of free American elections are over. We might as well say we are a one-party dictatorship then as we would be one in everything but name. This is not about red and blue. I may happen to be a Republican, but I am first and foremost a liberty-loving American who wants the freest and fairest elections possible. I would be equally appalled if my own party was pushing legislation like this to help it win elections in perpetuity. And nice try leftists, requiring voter I.D. and banning voter intimidation at the polls under the guise of giving out free water is not on par with radically transforming the way elections are conducted to favor one party.

By keeping the bill on the down low, the Democrats and the mainstream media are hoping they can get it to law with the public knowing as little about what it actually does as possible. Biden and his associates’ plan to pull a “sleight of hand” move on the masses seems to be working. The Democrats’ pulled the same 12 years ago with Obamacare (remember Nancy Pelosi saying that Congress had to “pass the bill” in order for the American people to “find out what is in it”)  and it worked. We conservatives can’t let them do it again. This is why we need to educate every patriotic American about H.R. 1 and the unique and grave threat it poses to our republic. If we can turn the tide of public opinion sharply against this partisan power grab, it would be much harder for Senator Manchin to sell out and allow this horrific bill to come to pass.

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