America is No Longer a Free Country

And our president is a dictator

Growing up in New York, I have vivid memories of September 11, 2001: the tragic day that transformed America forever. I was four years old at the time, and I remember sitting in kindergarten music class when my mother frantically came to pick me up. She told me that there was a “fire in the city,” and offered no other explanation – I was too young to understand after all. 

I barely remember what my country was like before 9/11, but it was the years immediately after that shaped my love for it. That day, 2,977 lives were cut short by vicious terrorists – true bigots and “supremacists” – in the name of a hateful, vile, murderous and objectively wrong philosophy. Almost 90% of the dead were American citizens. In addition, 344 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers heroically gave their lives trying to rescue victims. One of the firefighters who was killed in the line of duty that day was a friend of my family.  

The attacks sent shockwaves that galvanized the American spirit, invigorated a new sense of patriotism but most of all, united all Americans against a common foe. The post 9/11 United States is unrecognizable to us living in the sharply divided and tribal 2021 where simply not hating our country and what it stands for is considered “right wing.” In the midst of the rubble, everyone for a short while put their differences aside and came together in love and support of our homeland. New York City’s fearless leader Rudy Giuliani, a moderate-to-liberal Republican, who is now almost universally canceled by the left, was hailed as “America’s mayor,” while then-President George W. Bush enjoyed a 90% approval rating across the board. 

Even growing up in a deep blue state, my elementary school curriculum was still fiercely pro-America. There was definitely no teaching of critical race theory – a radical Marxist pseudo historic conspiracy that is now being forced into our children’s minds. My school would hold frequent assemblies to honor our flag and the brave men and women fighting overseas. I was required to learn the National Anthem, and other patriotic songs for both chorus and the trombone. My classmates and I did not only recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” every morning, we learned what each and every word meant and why they were there – yes, including “under God.” We did the same for the Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the Constitution. Us early 2000’s kids may not have had iPads, but we did know that America was the greatest country in the world and a place where you could be whoever you wanted to be if you worked hard, despite your socioeconomic background or what “identity group” you belonged to. But on top of all of this, growing up, we understood that this was a free country – where the government was of the people, for the people and by the people. Leftists today would certainly call my elementary school education “right wing indoctrination.” Therefore, they wouldn’t believe I attended a very liberal, secular public school in the very same district where the national fight to abolish school prayer was started. But I did. During my childhood, Americans were not on team red or team blue, but we were all on team red, white, and blue. 

As last Saturday marked the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, the country is a shell of its former self. We have completely lost our shared national identity. The ruling political elite, “woke” corporate establishment and dominant cultural narrative have successfully disunited and fragmented us in less than twenty years. We are no longer Americans first but instead separated by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and other superficial categories. I thought the left is supposed to believe that all these things are “social constructs?” Spoiler alert – they don’t. Aspiring for colorblindness to them is “racist,” a notion as bizarre as saying that “war is peace” or “freedom is slavery.” The current leftist worldview is certainly closer to the bad guys in 1984 than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The American flag is even seen as a “white supremacist” symbol by many on the left, just ask New York Times reporter Mara Gay. But on top of everything, we are separated by “left” and “right” – two warring visions for the country and society we ought to live in. While the “right” by and large looks at the “left” as people they disagree with, the “left” instead regards their political opponents with much more hostility and contempt, and in some extreme cases, looks at us as subhuman or even worthy of death.

Presiding over this rapidly decaying and literally burning country is Joe Biden, an elderly, doddering, aspiring fascist (that is of course when he can actually utter a complete sentence). He is a man that has completely no respect for Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice, and their families. Who can forget that just two weeks ago, he looked at his watch at a memorial for thirteen fallen extremely young Marines – who were killed in Kabul by a terrorist suicide bombing under his watch (no pun intended). Biden refused to take responsibility for the chaotic botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, that led to the Taliban takeover of the country, while hundreds of Americans and tens of millions of dollars of state-of-the-art military equipment were left in the hands of these bloodthirsty terrorists – who may I mention to go full circle, aided and abetted the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. This happened all while the pathetic mainstream media, really the propaganda wing of the Biden regime, continues to play cover for our dangerously incompetent failed dictator – I mean president – suppressing stories about the disaster his administration created and instead opting to ask him more important questions, like what his favorite ice cream flavor is.

Last Thursday, our wannabe dictator announced that in a sudden, sweeping, unprecedented and unconstitutional move, he is mandating all private companies with more than a hundred employees to force their workers to get one of the three big pharma-produced COVID vaccines – or face fines. He allowed no religious exemptions or exceptions for people who had recovered from the virus, just a provision that workers could possibly avoid the jab by taking weekly intrusive COVID tests. Of course, we all know that the implication is that many companies, fearing being hit with thousands or even millions of dollars of fines, will do away with the “testing” part, and require their workers get the shot, or be terminated. We’re already seeing this with many hospitals. The radical leftist medical establishment simply doesn’t care that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have been altruistically working overtime throughout the pandemic. If they refuse to get big pharma’s signature drug injected into their arm, they’re out of a job. Forget the implications this may have on people needing healthcare. We’re hearing a lot of unsubstantiated claims from the left about unvaccinated COVID patients taking up ICU beds – but what about hospitals who can’t treat their patients because all their workers are being forced out due to not wanting to take the vaccine?  

Dictator Biden said that his “patience” for the millions of Americans who have made the personal medical decision to not get a COVID shot “is wearing thin.” This is not how the leader of the free world talks to the people – his boss. This is not even how a king talks to his subjects. I’m sure the mad George III would not have even done something a third as draconian as what Biden is attempting right now. Simply put, our president is acting like a totalitarian dictator. Furthermore, he had the audacity to comment that this mandate was “not about freedom or personal choice.” Uh, yes it is. This is literally the recipe to a dictatorship – force the populace to do something they don’t want to do and tell them that they have no choice because it’s a matter of “public safety.” This reminds me of one of my favorite Ben Franklin quotes, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Moreover, Biden is also implying that he and the rest of the ruling class are smarter and better than us “little people,” and therefore, this gives them the power to make decisions for us. Putting the debates over the effectiveness of the vaccines (and comparison to other COVID treatments and preventatives) aside, If they can force millions of regular working people to inject a drug they don’t want in their bodies, what else can they force us to do? 

I will always be proud to be an American, but the country we are living in right now is a far cry from the America I knew and loved as a child and even as an adolescent. We are not Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” anymore, at least in this moment. We used to be united, strong and free – now we are sadly none of these things. It is utterly embarrassing how far we have fallen in just two decades. After 9/11, we invaded Afghanistan vowing to punish the Taliban who harbored the terrorists that attacked us. Now due to Biden’s disastrous foreign policy faux pas, the Taliban are back in power – after 2,500 American troops were killed in an endless $2.3 trillion war. This same president who let the terrorists win without a fight is instead provoking a war among his own citizens by his continual demonization of the “unvaccinated.” By issuing his totalitarian “show me your papers” vaccine mandate, he is throwing red meat to many of his supporters who, like one deranged unfunny late-night “comedian” propagandist, believe the big lie that medical freedom puts vaccinated people at risk. He is adding gasoline to a fire that is burning through the middle of the once-united American people, and at the same time, failing to address more pressing crises (his favorite word) such as Afghanistan and the border. Of course his mandate does not apply to illegal immigrants.  Consistent policies must not get in the way of extra Democratic votes. To quote a meme that has been going around social media as of late, the left, the very side that “screamed fascist for four years, is now doing actual fascistic stuff.” Shame on Biden and all his enablers. We don’t just need to “make America great again” anymore. We first need to make America America again.

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