California Got What They Deserve

They made it clear they don’t want to be part of free America—and their citizens will either move or pay the price.

In his 2016 novel, “People’s Republic,” Kurt Schlichter wrote about a possible dystopian future where America had split into two countries. The former red states remained the United States of America, maintaining the name, traditions, culture ,and flag (albeit with fewer stars). The seceding blue states became the People’s Republic of North America (PRNA), a totalitarian socialist dictatorship obsessed with the deceiving notions of “social justice” and “equity.” Just think of the woke Oceania from George Orwell’s “1984.” Now, five years after the book was first released, it’s starting to look less like the work of fiction it was intended to be, and more like reality. Schlichter himself spoke about this in the preface of the official “People’s Republic” audiobook, which he recorded in December 2020, a full month before our aspiring dictator took office.

The book’s protagonist is Kelly Turnbull, a veteran-turned-bounty hunter, who is tasked with rescuing Amanda Ryan, a Texas billionaire’s daughter, from the clutches of the PRNA-controlled Los Angeles elite. Turnbull, a former Californian (like Schlichter himself), fled to Dallas, the red states’ capital, after the country split. Schlichter uses clear imagery to illustrate the stark contrast between the free USA (the “reds”) and the surveillance state PRNA (the “blues”). When Turnbull arrives in LA to retrieve Amanda, he notices that the once iconic metropolis is now effectively two separate and deeply unequal cities. The vast majority of Angelenos (who are implied to be mostly minorities) live in squalor, where food is scarce and rationed, and power is only turned on for a few hours a day. Meanwhile, the “privileged” ruling class (who are implied to be mostly white) live luxurious lives in the ritzy gated-off Westwood sector, where, you guessed it, papers are required for entry. Sound familiar yet? 

This two-tier society that is inevitably created by socialistic policies is ever-present in real-life blue state America. New York (which alongside California is one of the two anchors of the coastal PRNA in Schlichter’s book) has a draconian “show me your papers” law—I mean vaccine passport—in its largest city, which it now strictly enforces for almost every indoor event. New Yorkers who have made an informed decision not to get one of big pharma’s three mass-produced shots are banned from eating in restaurants and working out at gyms in the five boroughs—among other activities. Tough luck for people who have a pre-existing medical condition and are advised by their doctor to not get the vaccine. Too bad for people who already had the virus and now have natural immunity. At least more openly socialist France and Italy’s vaccine passports allow people to show negative COVID tests. In New York City, it’s get vaxxed or be excluded. So much for the Democrats being the “inclusive” party.

As mentioned in my last article, Joe Biden is attempting to unconstitutionally put in place a national vaccine passport by using OSHA (an unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic executive body that in my opinion shouldn’t even exist) to force all companies with more than a hundred employees to force their workers to get the jab. If the companies don’t comply, they will be fined thousands of dollars per employee. And if workers don’t want to get a shot, and their companies don’t allow them to “test out” of the mandate, they will be unceremoniously fired. Again, “tough luck” is what the “tolerant” left says to people, who, for whatever reason, don’t want to comply. In President Biden’s speech where he unveiled this mandate, he said that he wants to “protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.”  The takeaway from Biden’s wording was that he wants to stoke intense animosity between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. He wants the former to view the latter’s continual existence as a threat to their well-being, and, therefore, this is a justification for them to lose their privileges or what healthy countries call “civil liberties” and “rights.” This, my friends, is how a two-tier society, like the one in Schlichter’s fictional PRNA, develops.

To see a real fully-fledged, two-tier society in action, let me refer you back to a certain event that happened this month in New York City. I am talking about the extravagant soirée of the super-wealthy known as the Met Gala, where radical-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unironically wore a dress embroidered with the words “tax the rich.”  The most appalling thing about the $30,000 per ticket party was not AOC’s widely panned dress. I believe that is just a red herring to distract us from that night’s true scandal. Various pictures taken of the event, where celebrities, plutocrats, and other members of our ruling class, pranced around in decadent costumes reminded several Twitter users of the oppressive Capitol from the “Hunger Games” franchise. The entirety of the vaccinated, sophisticated crowd were of course mask-less. Behind these A-Listers, were the fully masked “help”—the nameless and literally faceless men and women working their tails off so the “who’s who” could have a grand ole time. Seeing these pictures reminded me precisely of the “blue shirts,” the identically dressed impoverished working-class in “People’s Republic,” who attended to the needs of the Westwood elite. Are you not convinced yet?

All of this brings us back to California. Last week, the state held a recall election—only the second ever in its history—which, unfortunately and as expected, failed to remove Governor Gavin Newsom (D) from office. Newsom was put up to a recall election by a diverse coalition of Republicans, independents, and Democrats for various reasons, but mainly due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state. Like almost all his fellow Democratic governors, Newsom presided over a widespread lockdown and stay-at-home order that devastated small businesses, shuttering many for good, sparking a horrific recession and ruining the livelihood of millions of families across the state. At the same time, he infamously dined mask-less indoors at The French Laundry, a super-expensive Michelin 3-star restaurant in the Napa Valley. This seemingly simple event sparked outrage as it was something none of Newsom’s subjects—I mean citizens—could do, per his own orders. In addition to this, Newsom’s children were enjoying in-person education at fancy private schools, while the public schools in the same district remained closed. Of course the elitist snob did not think twice about exempting his own family from his lockdowns that forced working and middle class children to have an inferior education. Rules for thee but not for me. 

Even though he was not in attendance at the Met Gala, Newsom would fit right in. He is from one of Northern California’s wealthiest pre-eminent families and came to prominence as a winery owner. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is out of touch with the needs of everyday Californians and views himself as superior to them. I guess the whole idea of the “divine right of kings” is back. While unprecedented levels of crime and homelessness run rampant in the Golden State, Newsom instead prefers to take a page from the playbook of his party’s leader and turn his attention to dividing people over vaccination status.  Biden himself said that Newsom survival in the recall election is a “win for strong vaccine mandates.” It’s not only that—it’s a victory for the state’s two-tier society.

The real choice Californians were faced with in the recall wasn’t between Newsom and leading replacement candidate Larry Elder (R). It wasn’t between Democrat and Republican, or left and right. It wasn’t even really between vaccine mandates and medical choice. It really boiled down to a choice between a segregated society controlled by the elite, or a free state governed by the people. And in a landslide, putting aside legitimate concerns over the mostly mail-in voting system, the elite won.

By keeping Newsom in office, it is clear that California wants to be like dystopian nations such as Schlichter’s PRNA and Panem in “The Hunger Games,” which before last year, were only ideas in fiction novels. People chose a two-tier society over freedom—and they will pay the price. The good news is that Newsom is again up for re-election in a little more than a year—but the bad news is that barring a miracle, he will almost definitely win—given his state’s deep blue leaning. 

This is a somber reality for the three million people who voted to remove California’s overlord/ Governor, a week ago. Unfortunately, they are the minority in a state where the majority is heavily brainwashed by left-wing talking points that the unvaccinated are a danger to society, and politicians are entitled to special rights and privileges the general populace is not. The pro-liberty residents of California can vote with their feet and move to a red state—it’s what I did when I fled to Florida from New York in October 2020. They can also choose to stay and  fight an uphill battle against the establishment which despises them. I hope they choose the latter, as the formerly beautiful and free Golden State, once the bastion of Reagan conservatism, seems to be beyond repair.