• Why We Can’t Just Ignore Hunter Biden
    We are in the midst of one of the greatest political scandals in American history – perhaps even worse than Watergate. Yet the mainstream media, big tech, national intelligence community, and the Washington establishment are completely covering it up. The […]
  • Yet Another Former Biden Supporter: Why I’m Voting for Trump
    I do not like Trump. I may never. I consider some of his behavior and antics (specifically his Tweets) to be flat-out petulant, immature, and unbecoming of the President of the United States. But an election is not a popularity […]
  • Why Joe Biden must tell us his stance on Court Packing
    We are weeks away from the 2020 Presidential Election and just as important as the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is how a potential Joe Biden Administration would react to her appointment. We have now seen one Presidential debate […]
  • The 2020 VP Debate: Cool Aunt vs. Indiana’s MVP
    I imagine the Vice Presidential debate this evening is going to draw a considerably larger audience than in 2016. The stakes are certainly higher! I know exactly where I was and with whom I watched the last Vice Presidential debate. Robert (my […]
  • The Left couldn’t beat Trump, COVID won’t either
    This week has definitely impacted all Americans. Whether you chose to be silent, to pray for the President, or to wish death on him, you cared. I am not surprised by the vitriol that is splattered all over social media. […]
  • Why I’m Not a Never Trumper
    “Is this really happening?” Those were the first four words that came to my mind on the early morning hours of November 9, 2016. I am of course referring to the very moment when Donald J. Trump was officially declared […]
  • The Democrats’ Supreme Court White Lie
    How they were the ones who actually “stole” RBG’s seat On September 26, 2020, President Donald J. Trump nominated U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett’s […]
  • The Return of the Liberty Republican?
    In 2014, Robert Draper wrote a New York Times article where he posed the question, “has the ‘libertarian moment’ finally arrived?” That year, libertarians seemed like they were on the verge of making significant political gains, specifically within the Republican […]
  • The Democrats’ Abortion Problem
    How their refusal to moderate on the issue will cost them in November On March 17, 2020, veteran Congressman Daniel W. Lipinski lost his bid for re-election to a ninth term by a margin of fewer than 3,000 votes. He […]
  • What to Expect from the Supreme Court Nomination Process
    To perform well on a law school exam, one must be able to analyze both sides of an issue. This analysis often requires the test taker to be objective, dispassionate, and take a logical view of issues, no matter how […]
  • A private company is suing my county to raise my property taxes!?!
    Our house is located near Sterigenics, a medical sterilization company that emits a cancerous chemical called ethylene oxide (EO) into the air.  According to the EPA, if there are 0.0002 micrograms of EO per cubic meter of air that you […]
  • America Needs Ike – Join in Honoring Him as the Eisenhower Memorial opens in D.C. this Week
    “Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.” ~ President Eisenhower Those very words spoken by the great 5-star General and  34th President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower could not be more pertinent in 2020 United States where unrest […]
  • Free Speech and Freedom of Thought are the Real Issues this Election
    If the left thinks they can win this culture war by censoring conservative voices they have another thing coming. The left doesn’t have a clue of what is in the minds of the majority of Americans. I listen to and […]
  • Let’s ALL Proudly MAGA Mask Up!
    My parents and I were 3 among the millions of Americans who stayed up on election night 2016 to watch as Donald J. Trump was announced as the next President of the United States of America.  After sharing tears of […]
  • There’s No United States Without the Electoral College
    Since it would take a constitutional amendment to accomplish, with just two months until the next Presidential election, talk of getting rid of the Electoral College, which has long been a  “white whale” for much of the Democratic Party, is a ploy to plant seeds […]
  • Vitriol Virtue Signaling and Callously Categorizing Republicans will Hurt the Dems in November
    On October 30, 2018, Peter Daou, the former online communication adviser to John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s digital operations manager for her 2008 run, and a campaign advisor for a 2016 Democratic congressional candidate posed a simple but […]
  • When is Enough, Enough?
    Last night, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) of Precinct 5 was targeted. The reason for the attack? Guilt by association. Oh, you didn’t know that all cops need to be held accountable no matter what? You didn’t know that the […]
  • The Dem Double Standard
    As I sat and watched the first night of the Republican National Convention, it didn’t take long for the twitter warriors to take to their devices and attack a fellow fierce Latina, Kim Guilfoyle. Was it because she gave a […]
  • Democrats choose celebrities over Average Americans…again.
    How is it that the Democrats still do not understand how to reach everyday Americans? In 2016, it became clear that Hillary Clinton was going to inherit the full force of the Obama celebrity coalition. She had star-studded events that […]
  • Why We Don’t Need a Lockdown – Anymore
    Please consider first reading Confessions of a Pro-Lockdown Conservative, the first part of this two-part series.  Months after all fifty states have begun their reopening process, it has become apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic is not going down without a […]
  • The R’s Have It – The Data Proves Whose COVID-19 Response Was Better
    The media’s game of pin the tail on the scapegoat continues. As a lifelong Democrat who just recently switched to the GOP, I have begun to realize that the more I dig into the data, the more I realize how […]
  • Confessions of a Pro-Lockdown Conservative
    This past May was a month flooded with fear and uncertainty. In many places, including my native New York, the global COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. Case counts and death tolls seemed to exponentially increase by the day. In […]
  • Prayer in the Pandemic
    With hundreds of thousands of houses of worship closing their doors due to COVID-19, millions of Americans have adapted to worship from home. In a time when the pandemic has claimed thousands of more victims than those directly attributed to […]
  • Is America at a Pre-French Revolution Level of Inequality?
    A recent rumor being spread by leftists suggests that America has a wealth gap wider than that of France before their revolution. That assertion is disproved by going back to the reference they’ve provided and making comparison to similar, modern data.
  • The Death of Centrism
    The United States today is not so united.  Americans seem to be divided into two clearly demarcated camps, between the “left” Democrats and the “right” Republicans. This split is nothing new. In his 1796 farewell address, President George Washington himself […]
  • What I Learned Running for Congress
    Running for Congress is a unique experience that I often find difficult to describe. The feeling of knowing that everything you say and everyone you meet can destroy your dreams as you juggle dozens of events a day is a […]
  • Hello, World!
    Welcome to Pardon Our Politics (POP)! We’re promoting a positive, commonsense vision of America’s future by uniting sophisticated, fresh views with diverse backgrounds. If you’re intrigued by the views we share, be sure to subscribe to receive updates on our […]